About Us

We provide a wide variety of the finest teas
from a number of producers to meet our customers' needs.

Raw Tea Leaf Supplier

We supply the best tea leaves for your needs from a wide variety of the finest teas from hundreds of producers all over Japan. We cater to both small lots and mass production, so please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.


We assist customers in creating their own unique products, supplying items for original specifications and blends. With our years of experience and strict quality management, we can satisfy all of the customers’ OEM requirements – including delivery – strictly and promptly.

Our Teas

We Provide the Best Quality of Each Variety for Our Customers

Japanese tea can be broadly divided into nine categories, but actually there are a great many more if subtle variations of the teas in each category are taken into account. Most Japanese teas are steamed. This halts oxidization of the leaves and preserves freshness. This process is not common in other countries. Due to the unique management technique of our growers, our teas have what the Japanese call UMAMI. UMAMI is the 5th taste besides the four basic tastes of sweetness, saltiness, bitterness and acidity. We carefully manage the quality of each tea as the taste, flavor and color varies depending on the variety of tea, the length of the steaming period, and the tea farm’s management process.