of Teas

Our Unique Brand “san grams”,
Featuring Individual Teas Created
in Collaboration with Our Tea Growers

Regular tea is a blend of a variety of leaves from several different growers. “san grams” is tea made from leaves from a single type of tea provided by growers with whom we have long-standing relationships.

Try a Variety of Teas

At san grams, we primarily feature our famous Kikugawa deep-steamed tea as well as eighteen types of single teas produced by special growers, and other teas from around the world. You can try a variety of teas at our tasting counter. Our staff can explain the different properties of the individual teas while preparing them in the best possible way.

Enjoy Tea in Our Garden

We have created a garden where you can enjoy a lovely view while sipping green tea. The plants and flowers change according to the season, allowing you to enjoy a new perspective on each visit to savor your tea more fully. Enjoy sitting outside on the terrace on sunny days.

Freshly-Brewed Tea and
Bite-Size Sweets

We have created bite-size sweets to go with your tea. We offer small balls of anko (sweet bean paste) with a thin sugar coating in four colors, rich chocolate cake with walnuts, and many other sweets to enhance your tea drinking experience.

A Menu That Complements Our Teas

Using locally-grown fresh vegetables and ingredients unique to Shizuoka, we create a menu that further enhances the deliciousness of tea. In addition to health-conscious food, we also offer sweets such as cakes and take-out drinks.